Membership information

What is the club like?

If you are after big fish, JFF is not for you - most of our members would have a panic attack if faced with a five pounder. If you are after lots of fish, JFF isn't for you either, really; we rarely have blank days, but we have grown out of wanting to catch something every cast. If all your lines are sinkers and your fly box is full of cactus chenille, then you really ought to be looking elsewhere, because we don't have that kind of fishing and in all probability, never will.

If, however, you like catching free-rising fish on floating lines using small flies in gorgeous surroundings, then we have an urgent need to talk, particularly if your idea of a good fishing day includes sitting down for lunch with other members and enjoying the craic. That is something we have a great deal of to offer, given that signing up for JFF membership is more of an entry into a way of life than a financial transaction. We don't have a funny handshake, but be warned, belonging to JFF is like joining a sect and once in, the only way out is to grow old enough to become an honorary member. And before you ask, yes, we do have people who have been members for less than thirty years, but they would have joined much earlier had they known about us.

If you are a female angler, then we welcome you - the JFF waters offer a safe environment and a great sense of cameraderie, without conspicuous displays of machismo. We also welcome beginners, because the only way to become an expert is to make a lot of mistakes, and heaven knows, we have made most of them a hundred times between us. One thing we do know is how not to fish - give us some time and another coffee and we will work out what we are here for, besides sitting on this bench talking to you.

Getting started

Membership is invited from prospective members via contact with the club secretary Mr Richard Roberts. Richard is shown below, contemplating his options.

Applications for membership are normally supported with a reference from a relevant source.

The basic subscription for season 2014 – 2015 is £250 and a one-off joining fee of £125 is also payable on acceptance of membership.

General Rules

No person may be a Member of the Syndicate unless he is also a fully paid up member of The Salmon and Trout Association.

Proof of membership must be carried at all times when upon the Syndicate water or upon the land of the Riparian Owners, and must be produced upon reasonable demand. The membership card will constitute proof of authority as a Bailiff to act on behalf of the Syndicate and of the Riparian Owners. No Member or guest may fish unless in possession of a current and valid Environment Agency rod fishing licence. Fishing is to be by artificial fly only, except that bait fishing is permitted on the River Ure at Jervaulx from December 1st.

Fly sizes shall not exceed - on running waters - size 12. On still waters - size 8 long shank (and no 'lures' shall be used). On both running and stillwaters all hooks shall be barbless or debarbed. Any trout under 11", or grayling under 10", must be returned carefully, the hands being wet if the fish is to be handled.

Each Member shall keep a record of his catch, and shall submit an annual return to the Deputy Chairman.

Mike Brown, committee member for the stillwater fisheries, comes after the web master with a rake.

Bag lmits

Fish bag limits shall be:

River Ure fisheries - at Jervaulx, two brace per week, but only marked fish may be taken. Swinnithwaite will not be stocked and all trout must be returned.

Stillwater fisheries - from all the fisheries at most one brace of fish per day, and from each fishery at most one brace of fish per week.

Annual stillwaters limit shall be 60 rainbow trout per Member.

Prebooking of fishing

There will be no pre-booking of fishing. If, upon attending a fishery, a member finds that others are already in occupation, the continuation or commencement of fishing shall be by agreement in accordance with these rules, saving which the newly arrived member shall have no rights of priority, and will be expected either to wait or to proceed to an alternative fishery of the syndicate.


The bag limit for a member and his guest(s) shall total no more than the number in the party. Floatation tubes or other floating devices are prohibited on all waters of the Syndicate.

Guests may fish only upon the invitation of a Member, who must accompany the guest at all times when upon the Syndicate waters. A guest must be in possession of a Syndicate Guest Ticket, which must be signed by the host Member, and returned promptly to the Honorary Secretary or left in a Catch Return box. A member may, at any one time, take at most two Guests on the Syndicate's waters.

No guest may fish any of the Still Waters prior to 1st May but guests may fish the river from the start of the brown trout season.

Guests' bag limits shall be as noted above in the General Rules. Guests may only fish for trout and grayling.

Bill Harrison, our treasurer, playing a trout on lake three.


The teaching of adults and juniors without a guest ticket is permitted only on the River Ure beat at Jervaulx, and then only the member's rod is permitted. With a Guest Ticket the tuition can be on all waters and the guest can have his own rod.


The holder of a membership card is appointed a Bailiff of the Syndicate and of the Riparian Owners. Each Member is authorised to inspect the membership document of any person using the Syndicate waters, and is further entitled to inspect such person's tackle and catch. Members should take note of the name and address of any person found to be fishing the water and who is unable or unwilling to produce proof of membership or a guest ticket. Similarly, particulars should be taken of any person who is not in possession of an appropriate Environment Agency rod fishing licence.

Reports of unauthorized fishing should be made to the Chairman or Fisheries Officers. The Police should be advised immediately of any obvious case of poaching. Reports should also be made to Mr. Ian Burdon, Mr. Adrian Thornton-Berry, Brig. D. J. H. Maddan , Sir John Ropner, or Sir John's Agent Mr. N.R. Graham as appropriate. Contact numbers are available in the membership pack.

Members should note that there is no canoe access agreement on any of the Syndicate's water.