Links - friends of Jervaulx Fly Fishers

If you are planning a fishing trip or just want to fix a great weekend for the family, these links are a good place to start.

Local attractions

Jervaulx Abbey

Thorp Perrow

Berry's Farm Shop (Swinithwaite)

Blue Lion Inn

Friends of Jervaulx Fly Fishers

Harrogate Fly Fishers - we can fish the HFFC water on the Nidd

Pickering Fisheries Association - we also have a reciprocal agreement with this wonderful club.

Salmon & Trout Association

Olsten Trout (ace weed cutters)

Other sites of interest

Medlar Press (publishers of Bob Dales and Andrew Herd's books)

Waterlog Magazine (our web master, Andrew, is executive editor)

Fly Fishing History - up here for interest, one of the oldest sites on the net, given that Andrew started it in 1997

Fishing Museum Online - this site carries on where Fly Fishing History left off.

Fishing Book Reviews - if you are in searc of winter reading, this is the place to find out what is good and what is not

Environment Agency


River gauge - Kilgram bridge

River gauge - Bainbridge

In general, the river is just about fishable when the Kilgram gauge reads 70cm, but is at its best between 30 and 60cm. The gauge at Bainbridge gives a reasonable idea of the river level at Swinithwaite. This stretch is fishable when the Bainbridge gauge shows as little as 10cm, but the main use of this gauge is to work out when a flood is likely to arrive at Jervaulx (about six hours delay is involved).