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Thorp Perrow



Jervaulx Fly Fishers offers a varied range of river and still water fly fishing in a number of idyllic locations. This page offers a summary of our fisheries.

On Jervaulx Park we have fishing for stocked rainbow trout on 3 spring fed lakes set amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in England. We also have approximately 2 miles of single bank fishing on the River Ure at Jervaulx, stretching from Harker Beck to Kilgram Bridge. Wild trout and grayling are present and stocks are supplemented by hatchery brown trout.

In addition the club can offer fishing for salmon with a modest supplement to the standard club subscription - but although the Ure has salmon in it, as any experienced salmon fisherman will appreciate, it is not a salmon fisher's river and such fish as do hold in its pools are best thought of as a bonus, rather than the prime reason for visiting the water.

A spacious car park in the area of the lakes allows a convenient base for fishing either river and/or still waters depending on conditions. One of the great advantages membership has to offer is that should you be travelling any distance, the lakes and the river are in such close proximity at Jervaulx that should the Ure be unfishable, the lakes are only a few minutes walk away. The photo below shows the view from the car park and there is a bench seat just out of shot where members take their lunch and tell each other increasingly improbable stories.

At Swinithwaite we have approximately 2 miles of single bank fishing on the Ure from Bishop Dale Beck to Low Holm Wood including a small single bank stretch of Bishopdale Beck from Bishop Dale Bridge to the confluence with the River Ure. Fishing is for wild brown trout and grayling with some supplementary stocking of brown trout. The salmon fishing here belongs to a separate syndicate.

On the River Nidd there is a reciprocal exchange ticket agreement with Harrogate Fly Fishers on their stretch at Darley and this offers an excellent opportunity to fish for brown trout.

At Thorp Perrow, the club has the lease for fly fishing for stocked rainbows and some wild brown trout in the beautiful arboreal surroundings of the house lake. It is hard to imagine a more idyllic setting... apart perhaps from Jervaulx and Swinithwaite. The photo below shows the view up the lake from the eastern end.

Please note that every one of our fisheries is located on a working estate and anglers should drive slowly and with the greatest possible care to ensure that stock is not put at any risk. Gates should be left as they are found and when in doubt, please shut them.

Visit the individual fisheries links at the top of this page on the left for a more detailed description of each water.